Empowering Parents Empowering Communities

Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities (EPEC) is a successful, popular, low-cost evidence-based parenting programme

EPEC combines the latest developmental science and theory with well-evidenced parenting strategies and methods.

We have a portfolio of parenting groups for mothers, fathers and other family carers focussed on the different developmental periods running from birth to adolescence, with more specialist groups for parents and children with additional needs, such as ADHD, autism, parental mental health and co-parent conflict.

Each one of our portfolio of EPEC groups aims to improve child development and difficulties, parenting, family resilience and coping.

EPEC groups are designed to improve access to effective parenting support particularly for socially excluded, Black and Minoritised communities  To do this EPEC combines parent-led parenting groups with training, supervision and support provided by parenting specialists.  Most EPEC groups are led by fully trained and certified local parent group leaders using manualised, evidence-based methods.

EPEC groups are highly interactive, involving an engaging and creative blend of small and large group discussion, role play, demonstrations, information sharing and reflection. Parents practice and use new skills in everyday life to achieve specific goals.

Typically groups consist of eight 2-hour sessions attended by 8-12 parents and facilitated by two parent group leaders.

Our parent group leaders receive ongoing supervision and support from parenting specialists and have fulfilled DBS and other mandatory requirements.

“The course has been brilliant for me as I now stop and think about the situations no matter how upset, angry, and red I am. I always consider my child’s feelings instead of just my own.” Parent of 8 year old, Child & Family Centre