EPEC empowers mothers, fathers, parents and carers to better understand, manage and enrich their children’s needs and development as well as to look after themselves.

Embedded in local services and located in the heart of their communities, EPEC groups are organised and delivered through local EPEC Hubs, usually  based in local authority, NHS and non-statutory services.  Local EPEC Hubs, staffed by parenting specialists provide a rolling programme of evidence-based EPEC parenting groups led by local parent group leaders.

EPEC groups offer parents the skills to listen, communicate and interact more effectively with their children, nurture closer parent-child relationships, accept and manage feelings, promote positive development manage difficult and challenging behaviour as well as look after their own wellbeing and health.

EPEC offers a range of parenting groups across all developmental stages for mothers, fathers, parents and carers:

  • Baby and Us – for new parents and carers with babies under 1 year old
  • Being a Parent (1-3) – for parents and carers of children aged 1-3
  • Being a Parent – for parents and carers of children aged 2-11
  • Living with Teenagers – for parents and carers of young people aged 12-16

“I learned to listen to my child, not label him, play with him and understand his feelings. Before the course, I would scream and shout at anything. Now I am more calm – I’ve changed a lot.” Parent of 3 year old, Children’s Centre

EPEC also offer a range of specialist parenting groups:

  • Being a Parent of a child with ASD/autism
  • Being a Parent of a child with ADHD
  • Being a Parent Together – for co-parents and carers who want to become a more effective parenting team, are at risk of parental conflict and are living together and/or separately.

‘I have found this course so helpful in my own family life and am really keen to pass the EPEC ethos onto my community’ EPEC Scaling programme parent group leader