CPCS - The Centre for Parent & Child Support

We offer a range of renowned training and development programmes led by highly experienced training facilitators and implementation experts

We have over 20 years’ experience of large-scale dissemination and bespoke training of our EPEC, Family Partnership, Promotional Guides and Helping Families programmes. This often involves working in partnership with practitioners, service managers, supervisors and trainers in health, social care, schools and education services, universities and academic institutions as well as charities and non-statutory organisations in the UK and worldwide.

Our training and dissemination programmes are tailored to reflect each organisation’s objectives and meet the learning needs of practitioners and their teams.

We offer everything from one-off training for small teams, to substantial workforce development programmes involving large numbers of practitioners, managers and supervisors.

Using leading online and face-to-face methods, our training programmes and dissemination support are effective, enjoyable and sustainable.

Research and evaluation show that our training and development approaches have a positive impact, generating practice change and service improvement.

We work with practitioners, service managers, supervisors and trainers across many different service providers and sectors in the UK and worldwide.

For more information about the Centre’s training and dissemination programmes please contact us via our email:

Family Partnership and Promotional Guide
cpcs@slam.nhs.uk   Tel: 020 3228 2837

Empowering Parents Empowering Communities
EpecProject@slam.nhs.uk   Tel: 020 3228 3913