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Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Research Unit

The CAMHS Research Unit was established in 2006 to produce and disseminate research evidence aimed at improving “real-world” clinical services for youth with mental health difficulties.  Our projects support the provision of high quality, cost-effective child and adolescent mental health care through a number of collaborations within CPCS, the wider SLaM NHS Foundation Trust and other national and international service providers.  The Unit also works closely with the Parents’ Scientific Advisory Group which provides a user perspective on research design and interpretation of findings.

 Our studies seek to develop and test innovative methods for:

  • Enhancing the accessibility, outcomes and experience of child and adolescent mental health care, particularly for families from socially disadvanged communities and other hard-to-reach groups
  • Promoting the active involvement of children, young people and their families in clinical decision making, service planning and performance monitoring
  • Achieving successful adoption and sustainability of evidence-based practices in CAMHS and allied services for children and young people

 Information on specific projects will be forthcoming...