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FPM Training, Supervision & Consultancy

The Model and associated training help practitioners understand what it really means to work in partnership with families and to develop the skills of working collaboratively.

The Model assumes that the process of helping is essentially an attempt to combine the expertise of parents with that of helpers, and to avoid the pitfalls associated with the imposition of expert knowledge. The development of a genuine and respectful partnership provides the basis for a clearer understanding of strengths and problems of individual families, a better basis for effective problem management and building parental self-efficacy.

The Centre offers a range of commissioned training courses based upon the Family Partnership Model for frontline staff, supervisors, managers, facilitators and facilitator trainers.

I think this is the most useful course I've ever been on!...the style "modelled the model" and was interactive in a way which was respectful and supportive.  There was a fantastic theory/practice balance which is rarely achieved. Guernsey 2011


Supervision is important for all people working in services for children and families in order to help them function effectively and develop their practice. The Centre provides highly skilled supervision for practitioners using the Family Partnership Model in their work and for managers implementing service redesign based on the approach.

We can provide supervision on a one-to-one basis or in groups in a face-to-face situation or by telephone where distance is a problem. This service may be commissioned by organisations or individuals and the content, length, number and frequency of sessions will be negotiated.


The Centre offers a range of consultancy to organisations considering or already using the Family Partnership Model in their work. Consultancy can encompass any area of Family Partnership implementation: application of Family Partnership to family work, service structure, training, supervision, evaluation, research, integration and maintenance. Flexible packages are available to meet your needs.

Courses Available

Family Partnership Foundation Course Summary (pdf|158kb)
Foundation Course Outline (pdf| 61kb)
Foundation Course Evaluation (pdf| 1.1mb)

Family Partnership Supervision Courses Summary (pdf|125kb)
Clinical Case Supervision Course Outline(3 days) (pdf|313kb)
Advancing Practice: Supervision for Supervisors and Managers Course (5 days) (pdf|318kb)
Supervison Course Evaluation (pdf|940kb)

Family Partnership Facilitator Course Summary (pdf|95kb)
Facilitator Course Outline (pdf|56kb)
Facilitator Course Evaluation (pdf|883kb)